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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 33°52'08"N 1°51'38"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DAOE Bousfer (Bou Sfer) [Bousfer AB], Oran, DZ (199 mi / 320 km NW)
DAON TLM Tlemcen [Zenata-Messali El Hadj Airport], Tlemcen, DZ (205 mi / 330 km NW)
DAAG ALG Algiers [Houari Boumediene Airport (Algiers Airport)], Boumerdès, DZ (209 mi / 337 km N)
DAAX Chéraga [Chéraga Airport], Tipaza, DZ (209 mi / 337 km N)
GMFO OUD Oujda [Les Anglades Airport], MA (225 mi / 363 km W)
ZZB Barika [Off-line Point], Batna, DZ (226 mi / 364 km NE)
DAUB BSK Biskra [Mohamed Khider Airport], Biskra, DZ (231 mi / 372 km E)
DAUE ELG El Goléa [El Goléa Airport], Ghardaïa, DZ (235 mi / 378 km S)
GMFB UAR Bouarfa [Bouarfa Airport], L'Oriental, MA (241 mi / 388 km W)
DAUU OGX Ouargla [Ain Beida Airport], Ouargla, DZ (246 mi / 395 km SE)
DAUK TGR Touggourt [Sidi Mahdi Airport], Ouargla, DZ (250 mi / 403 km E)
DAAS QSF Sétif [Ain Arnat Airport (Sétif Intl, 8 Mai 45 Airport)], Sétif, DZ (253 mi / 407 km NE)
DAAE BJA Bejaia [Soummam -Abane Ramdane Airport], Béjaïa, DZ (267 mi / 430 km NE)
DAOC Béchar [Ouakda], Béchar, DZ (281 mi / 452 km SW)
DAOR CBH Béchar [Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi (Leger)], Béchar, DZ (284 mi / 457 km SW)
DAUO ELU El Oued [Guemar], El Oued, DZ (285 mi / 458 km E)
DABT BLJ Batna [Mostepha Ben Boulaid Airport], Batna, DZ (285 mi / 459 km NE)
GMFN Taouima Nador, MA (287 mi / 461 km W)
GMMW NDR Nador [Intl (Arwi Airport, Al Aroui Airport)], Nador, MA (290 mi / 466 km W)
GEML MLN Melilla, Melilla, ES (291 mi / 469 km W)

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