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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 3352'03"S 2403'36"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FALF Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape, ZA (340 mi / 547 km NW)
FXNH Nohanas, LS (344 mi / 554 km NE)
FALW SDB Langebaanweg (Saldanha Bay) [AFB Langebaanweg], Western Cape, ZA (347 mi / 558 km W)
FXME Matekane [Matekane Air Strip], Maseru, LS (351 mi / 565 km NE)
FAKM KIM Kimberley [Kimberley Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (351 mi / 566 km N)
FAHI Halfweg [Halfweg Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (351 mi / 566 km NW)
FATN TCU Thaba Nchu, Free State, ZA (353 mi / 568 km NE)
FAPJ JOH Port St. Johns [Port St. Johns Airport], Eastern Cape, ZA (354 mi / 570 km NE)
FAKH Kenhardt, Northern Cape, ZA (354 mi / 570 km NW)
FABL BFN Bloemfontein [Bram Fischer Intl (J.B.M. Hertzog)], Free State, ZA (355 mi / 571 km NE)
FATP New Tempe [New Tempe Airport], Free State, ZA (355 mi / 572 km N)
FAVR VRE Vredendal [Vredendal Airport], Western Cape, ZA (356 mi / 573 km NW)
FASD Saldanha Vredenburg, Western Cape, ZA (357 mi / 575 km W)
FXNK NKU Nkaus [Nkaus Airport], Mohale's Hoek, LS (359 mi / 579 km NE)
FXSM SOK Semonkong [Semonkong Airport], Maseru, LS (364 mi / 585 km NE)
FALK LUJ Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, ZA (365 mi / 588 km NE)
FXSK SKQ Sekake (Sekakes) [Sekake Airport], Qacha's Nek, LS (366 mi / 588 km NE)
FXMM MSU Maseru [Moshoeshoe Intl], Maseru, LS (367 mi / 590 km NE)
FXTB Tebellong, LS (368 mi / 592 km NE)
FAGW Magwa, Eastern Cape, ZA (370 mi / 595 km NE)

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