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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3330'N 3618'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OS67 Mezzeh [Mezzeh AB], Dimashq, SY (5 mi / 8 km W)
OSDI DAM Damascus [Intl], Dimashq, SY (14 mi / 22 km SE)
OS63 Marj Rhayal [Marj Ruhayyil AB], Dimashq, SY (17 mi / 28 km SE)
OS61 Al Dumayr [Al Dumayr Military Airport], Dimashq, SY (27 mi / 43 km E)
OLRA Rayak, LB (30 mi / 48 km NW)
OS69 Khalkhalah (Kholkhole) [Khalkhalah AB], As Suwayda, SY (34 mi / 54 km SE)
OS64 Al Nasiriyah (Jayrud) [Al Nasiriyah AB], Dimashq, SY (44 mi / 70 km NE)
LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona, IL (45 mi / 72 km SW)
OLBA BEY Beirut [Rafic Hariri Intl], LB (52 mi / 83 km NW)
OS68 Sayqal (Saigal) [Sayqal AB], Dimashq, SY (54 mi / 87 km E)
OS60 Tha'lah (As Suwayda) [Tha'lah AB (As Suwayda West)], As Suwayda, SY (55 mi / 89 km S)
LLIB RPN Rosh Pina [Rosh Pina (Ben Ya'akov)], IL (55 mi / 89 km SW)
OS73 Al Al (Fiq) [Fiq/Al Al Airfield], Al Qunaytirah, SY (60 mi / 96 km SW)
LLFK Fik (Fiq) [Fik Airfield], IL (60 mi / 96 km SW)
OJBD QIR Irbid (Met), JO (70 mi / 113 km S)
OS70 Al Qusayr [Al Qusayr AB], Homs, SY (75 mi / 121 km N)
OS65 Daghdaghan [Shayrat AB], Homs, SY (77 mi / 123 km NE)
OLKA KYE Kleyate/Tripoli [Rene Mouawad AB], LB (77 mi / 124 km N)
OJMF OMF Mafraq [King Hussein], JO (79 mi / 127 km S)
LLRD Ramat David, IL (87 mi / 140 km SW)

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