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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 3255'29"N 10936'07"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KJTC JTC Springerville [Muni], Arizona, US (85 mi / 136 km N)
KSVC SVC SVC Silver City [Grant County Airport], New Mexico, US (86 mi / 139 km E)
AZ37 Tucson [Tucson Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US (88 mi / 141 km SW)
57AZ Tucson [La Cholla Airpark], Arizona, US (88 mi / 142 km W)
Z95 Cibecue, Arizona, US (89 mi / 143 km NW)
AZ21 Huachuca City/Tombstone [Four Pillars Airport], Arizona, US (90 mi / 144 km SW)
P29 Tombstone [Muni], Arizona, US (90 mi / 144 km S)
2AZ9 McNeal [Ethnos Air Airport], Arizona, US (91 mi / 147 km S)
KDMA DMA DMA Tucson [Davis Monthan AFB], Arizona, US (91 mi / 147 km SW)
AZ75 Show Low [Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US (91 mi / 147 km N)
13NM Silver City [Beaverhead Airstrip], New Mexico, US (91 mi / 147 km E)
5AZ4 Tucson [University Medical Center Hospital Heliport], Arizona, US (91 mi / 147 km SW)
13Q Apache Creek [Jewett Mesa Airport], New Mexico, US (92 mi / 147 km NE)
E81 Superior [Muni], Arizona, US (92 mi / 148 km W)
NM86 Playas [Playas Air Strip], New Mexico, US (92 mi / 148 km SE)
85NM Playas [Playas Medical Building Heliport], New Mexico, US (93 mi / 150 km SE)
1NM0 Silver City [Me-Own Airport], New Mexico, US (94 mi / 151 km E)
74AZ Tombstone [Rancho San Marcos Airport], Arizona, US (94 mi / 151 km S)
70AZ Tucson [Regional Public Safety Training Academy Heliport], Arizona, US (94 mi / 151 km SW)
AZ84 Tucson [Pima County Sheriffs Heliport], Arizona, US (94 mi / 151 km SW)

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