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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3253'06"N 8343'42"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
75GA Macon [Lake Tobesofkee SPB], Georgia, US (6 mi / 10 km SW)
77GE Macon [Medical Center, Navicent Health Heliport], Georgia, US (6 mi / 10 km SE)
OCNM Macon [Ocmulgee NM (Ocmulgee National Monument)], Georgia, US (8 mi / 12 km SE)
KMAC MAC MAC Macon [Macon Downtown Airport], Georgia, US (11 mi / 17 km SE)
KMCN MCN MCN Macon [Middle Georgia Regional], Georgia, US (14 mi / 23 km S)
GE25 Fort Valley [Hutto Farm Airport], Georgia, US (16 mi / 25 km SW)
GA24 Forsyth [Monroe County Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US (16 mi / 26 km NW)
90GA Forsyth [Georgia Public Safety Training Center Heliport], Georgia, US (18 mi / 29 km NW)
KWRB WRB WRB Warner Robins [Robins AFB], Georgia, US (19 mi / 30 km SE)
28GA Byron [Peach Regional Medical Center Heliport], Georgia, US (19 mi / 31 km S)
GE27 Byron [Smith Field], Georgia, US (20 mi / 31 km S)
GA76 Forsyth [Broken Ranch Airport], Georgia, US (21 mi / 34 km NW)
0GA9 Roberta [Gentle Landings Air Park], Georgia, US (21 mi / 34 km SW)
5GE1 Fort Valley [Peachtree Landings Airport], Georgia, US (22 mi / 35 km S)
GA86 Barnesville [Little Tobesofkee Creek Ranch Airport], Georgia, US (22 mi / 36 km W)
5A2 Warner Robins [Warner Robins Air Park], Georgia, US (23 mi / 36 km S)
GA99 Fort Valley [Miami Valley Farm Airport], Georgia, US (24 mi / 38 km S)
9GA6 Milledgeville [Brookline - Meadowmere Airport], Georgia, US (24 mi / 38 km NE)
GA81 Ft Valley [Big Dog - Cameron Field], Georgia, US (24 mi / 39 km S)
GA59 Barnesville [Antique Acres Airport], Georgia, US (24 mi / 39 km NW)

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