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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 3233'32"N 8020'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KCUB CUB CUB Columbia [Jim Hamilton L B Owens Airport], South Carolina, US (104 mi / 168 km N)
KCAE CAE CAE Columbia [Columbia Metropolitan Airport], South Carolina, US (105 mi / 169 km NW)
GE30 Waynesboro [Sandy Hill Airport], Georgia, US (106 mi / 171 km NW)
SC11 Fort Jackson [Fort Jackson Helipad], South Carolina, US (107 mi / 172 km N)
8GA5 Collins [Sikes Farm Airport], Georgia, US (107 mi / 172 km W)
SC20 Langley [Harman Airport], South Carolina, US (107 mi / 172 km NW)
SC77 Columbia [Providence Hospital Heliport], South Carolina, US (108 mi / 173 km N)
KAIK AIK AIK Aiken [Aiken Regional], South Carolina, US (108 mi / 174 km NW)
SC44 Boykin [El Porvenir Airpark], South Carolina, US (109 mi / 175 km N)
SC22 Columbia [Richland Memorial Hospital Heliport], South Carolina, US (109 mi / 175 km N)
SC18 West Columbia [Lexington Medical Center Heliport], South Carolina, US (109 mi / 176 km NW)
SC45 Gilbert [Intl Airpark], South Carolina, US (109 mi / 176 km NW)
KAGS AGS AGS Augusta [Augusta Regional at Bush Field], Georgia, US (110 mi / 176 km NW)
SC29 Timmonsville [McKay Airport], South Carolina, US (110 mi / 177 km N)
FOFR Fort Frederica National Monument [Fort Frederica NM], Georgia, US (111 mi / 178 km SW)
KBQK BQK BQK Brunswick [Brunswick Golden Isles Airport], Georgia, US (111 mi / 179 km SW)
58J Timmonsville [Huggins Memorial Airport], South Carolina, US (111 mi / 179 km N)
KRVJ RVJ Reidsville [Swinton Smith Field at Reidsville Muni], Georgia, US (111 mi / 179 km W)
12SC Elgin [Over The Hill Airport], South Carolina, US (112 mi / 180 km N)
SC19 Lamar, South Carolina, US (112 mi / 180 km N)

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