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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 3233'32"N 8020'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
65J Wrens [Wrens Memorial Airport], Georgia, US (127 mi / 205 km W)
70SC Hartsville [Robinson Nuclear Power Plant Heliport], South Carolina, US (127 mi / 205 km N)
KCRE CRE CRE North Myrtle Beach [Grand Strand Airport], South Carolina, US (127 mi / 205 km NE)
KHVS HVS HVS Hartsville [Hartsville Regional], South Carolina, US (128 mi / 206 km N)
KFDW FDW Winnsboro [Fairfield County Airport], South Carolina, US (129 mi / 207 km N)
SC21 Loris [Myrtle Beach Hardee Airpark], South Carolina, US (129 mi / 208 km NE)
GA78 Baxley [Appling General Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US (130 mi / 209 km SW)
4J8 Soperton [Treutlen County Airport], Georgia, US (130 mi / 210 km W)
4J1 Nahunta [Brantley County Airport], Georgia, US (131 mi / 211 km SW)
SC63 Jenkinsville [Summers Station Heliport], South Carolina, US (132 mi / 213 km NW)
03SC Little River [Seacoast Medical Center Heliport], South Carolina, US (133 mi / 213 km NE)
1GE6 Patterson [Daystar Strip], Georgia, US (133 mi / 214 km SW)
KUDG UDG Darlington [Darlington County Airport], South Carolina, US (133 mi / 214 km N)
5SC5 Loris [Loris Community Hospital Heliport], South Carolina, US (133 mi / 214 km NE)
KBHC BHC Baxley [Muni], Georgia, US (134 mi / 215 km SW)
3GA8 Soperton [Cauley's Airstrip], Georgia, US (135 mi / 217 km W)
0GE7 Appling [Carpenter Airport], Georgia, US (135 mi / 218 km NW)
S79 Green Sea, South Carolina, US (136 mi / 218 km NE)
5J9 Loris [Twin City Airport], South Carolina, US (136 mi / 218 km NE)
GA20 Cumberland Island [Stafford Airport], Georgia, US (137 mi / 221 km SW)

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