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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 3208'N 9140'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KMCB MCB MCB McComb [McComb/Pike County/John E Lewis Field], Mississippi, US (96 mi / 155 km SE)
LA96 St. Francisville [Riverbend Heliport], Louisiana, US (97 mi / 155 km S)
0R7 Coushatta [The Red River Airport], Louisiana, US (97 mi / 156 km W)
1M2 Belzoni [Muni], Mississippi, US (97 mi / 156 km NE)
LS35 St. Francisville [Nauga Field], Louisiana, US (97 mi / 156 km S)
38LA Ville Platte [Whiteville Airport], Louisiana, US (98 mi / 157 km S)
KHZR HZR New Roads [False River Regional], Louisiana, US (98 mi / 158 km S)
LA19 Coushatta [CCHCC Heliport], Louisiana, US (99 mi / 159 km W)
MS50 Monticello [Clay Airport], Mississippi, US (99 mi / 160 km E)
5MS6 Brandon [Dee's Airport], Mississippi, US (99 mi / 160 km E)
7L9 Melville [Pete Antie Muni Heliport], Louisiana, US (99 mi / 160 km S)
86LA Kentwood [Spring Airport], Louisiana, US (99 mi / 160 km SE)
1LA2 Slaughter [Air One Helo Heliport], Louisiana, US (100 mi / 161 km S)
MS06 Linwood, Mississippi, US (100 mi / 161 km NE)
06LS St. Francisville [Tembec Heliport], Louisiana, US (100 mi / 161 km S)
KELD ELD ELD El Dorado [South Arkansas Regional at Goodwin Field], Arkansas, US (100 mi / 162 km NW)
4MS9 Canton [Providence Airpark], Mississippi, US (100 mi / 162 km E)
LS06 New Roads [Pointe Coupee General Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US (101 mi / 162 km S)
KGLH GLH GLH Greenville [Greenville Mid-Delta Airport], Mississippi, US (101 mi / 163 km NE)
MS11 Brandon [Mohr Farm Airport], Mississippi, US (101 mi / 163 km E)

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