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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 3208'N 9140'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
70LA Hineston [Roland Airport], Louisiana, US (92 mi / 149 km SW)
LA83 Clinton [McCutcheon Field], Louisiana, US (93 mi / 149 km SE)
MS47 McComb [Southwest Regional Medical Center Heliport], Mississippi, US (93 mi / 149 km SE)
F43 El Dorado [El Dorado Downtown-Stevens Field], Arkansas, US (93 mi / 150 km NW)
07LA Forest Hill [Richmond Plantation Airport], Louisiana, US (94 mi / 151 km SW)
KMBO MBO Madison [Bruce Campbell Field], Mississippi, US (94 mi / 151 km E)
KJAN JAN JAN Jackson [Jackson-Evers Intl], Mississippi, US (94 mi / 151 km E)
4M5 Dermott [Muni], Arkansas, US (94 mi / 152 km N)
2LA6 Jackson [Howell 1 Airport], Louisiana, US (94 mi / 152 km S)
AR47 El Dorado [Warner Brown Hospital Heliport], Arkansas, US (95 mi / 152 km NW)
AR48 El Dorado [Union Medical Center Heliport], Arkansas, US (95 mi / 152 km NW)
LA37 St. Francisville [West Feliciana Parish Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US (95 mi / 152 km S)
1LA5 Morrow [Morrow Strip], Louisiana, US (95 mi / 152 km S)
35LS St. Francisville [The Bluffs Heliport], Louisiana, US (95 mi / 153 km S)
MS69 Star [Falcon Field], Mississippi, US (95 mi / 153 km E)
MS58 Florence [Tullos Field], Mississippi, US (95 mi / 153 km E)
LA3 Jackson [Feliciana Airpark], Louisiana, US (95 mi / 153 km S)
MS05 Greenville [Delta Regional Medical Center Heliport], Mississippi, US (95 mi / 154 km NE)
11LS Glenmora [Jasmine Hill Airport], Louisiana, US (96 mi / 154 km SW)
LS95 Glenmora [Mackie Memorial Heliport], Louisiana, US (96 mi / 155 km SW)

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