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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 31°57'13"N 8°12'19"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GMFI Ifrane, MA (207 mi / 334 km NE)
GMMF SII Sidi Ifni, MA (213 mi / 343 km SW)
GMFK ERH Errachidia (Er-Rachidia) [Moulay Ali Cherif Airport], Errachidia, MA (224 mi / 360 km E)
GMAG GLN GM47 Guelmim (Goulimime) [Guelmim Airport], Guelmim, MA (230 mi / 370 km SW)
GMFF FEZ Fez (Fès) [Fès-Saïss Intl], Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate, MA (232 mi / 373 km NE)
GMFU Fez (Fes) [Sefrou Airport], Fès-Dar-Dbibegh, MA (235 mi / 379 km NE)
(GMFA) Ouezzane [Ouezzane Airport], MA (246 mi / 395 km NE)
DA13 Tinfouchy, Tindouf, DZ (255 mi / 411 km SE)
GMTT TNG Tangier (Tanger) [Ibn Batouta Airport (Boukhalef Airport)], Tanger-Tétouan, MA (292 mi / 469 km NE)
GMFZ Taza [Taza Airport], Taza, MA (293 mi / 471 km NE)
DAOF TIN Tindouf [Tindouf Airport], Tindouf, DZ (293 mi / 472 km S)
GMAT TTA Tan Tan [Tan Tan Airport (Plage Blanche Airport)], MA (299 mi / 482 km SW)
GMTN TTU Tetouan [Saniat R'mel Intl], Tanger-Tétouan, MA (301 mi / 484 km NE)
DA16 Tindouf East, Tindouf, DZ (304 mi / 489 km S)
DA11 Hamaguir, Béchar, DZ (312 mi / 503 km E)
GECT JCU Ceuta [Ceuta Heliport], Ceuta, ES (318 mi / 513 km NE)
LXGB GIB Gibraltar [Intl (North Front Airport, RAF Gibraltar)], GI (332 mi / 535 km NE)
GMTA AHU Al Hoceima [Cherif al Idrissi Airport], MA (336 mi / 540 km NE)
LERT ROZ Rota (Cádiz) [Naval Station Rota], Andalusia, ES (340 mi / 548 km N)
LPFR FAO Faro, Faro, PT (349 mi / 562 km N)

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