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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 31░46'38"N 106░23'03"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NM41 Pie Town [Happy Mountain Airport], New Mexico, US (186 mi / 300 km NW)
KDGL DGL DGL Douglas [Muni], Arizona, US (187 mi / 300 km W)
ALE E38 Alpine [Alpine-Casparis Muni], Texas, US (187 mi / 300 km SE)
55NM BelÚn [Burris Ranch Number 1 Airport], New Mexico, US (187 mi / 301 km N)
KINK INK INK Wink [Winkler County Airport], Texas, US (187 mi / 301 km E)
17TS Alpine [Big Bend Regional Medical Center Heliport], Texas, US (187 mi / 302 km SE)
7AZ4 Pearce [Rancho Relaxo Airport], Arizona, US (189 mi / 304 km W)
M10 Mountainair [Muni], New Mexico, US (190 mi / 306 km N)
KPRS PRS Presidio [Presidio Lely Intl], Texas, US (190 mi / 307 km SE)
KDUG DUG DUG Douglas (Bisbee) [Bisbee Douglas Intl], Arizona, US (191 mi / 307 km W)
E26 Jal [Lea County Airport (Jal)], New Mexico, US (191 mi / 308 km E)
NM40 Bosque [Flying H Airport], New Mexico, US (192 mi / 309 km N)
NM88 Bosque [Skywagon Farm Airport], New Mexico, US (192 mi / 309 km N)
E06 Lovington [Lea County-Zip Franklin Memorial Airport], New Mexico, US (192 mi / 309 km NE)
2AZ9 McNeal [Ethnos Air Airport], Arizona, US (193 mi / 310 km W)
MM65 Agua Prieta South, Sonora, MX (194 mi / 312 km W)
4XA8 Kermit [Winkler County Memorial Hospital Heliport], Texas, US (194 mi / 312 km E)
NM49 Willard [J & M Farms Airport], New Mexico, US (194 mi / 312 km N)
MM75 Agua Prieta Southwest, Sonora, MX (195 mi / 313 km W)
T16 Reserve, New Mexico, US (195 mi / 314 km NW)

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