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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 3145'36"N 8445'36"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
0FL4 Alford [Jackson Heliport], Florida, US (81 mi / 131 km SW)
33J Geneva [Muni], Alabama, US (82 mi / 131 km SW)
14J Elba [Carl Folsom Airport], Alabama, US (82 mi / 132 km W)
5GE1 Fort Valley [Peachtree Landings Airport], Georgia, US (83 mi / 133 km NE)
28GA Byron [Peach Regional Medical Center Heliport], Georgia, US (83 mi / 133 km NE)
80FL Chipley [Northwest Florida Community Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (83 mi / 133 km SW)
GE27 Byron [Smith Field], Georgia, US (83 mi / 133 km NE)
GE25 Fort Valley [Hutto Farm Airport], Georgia, US (83 mi / 133 km NE)
25AL Fort Rucker/Goodman [Lucas Army Heliport], Alabama, US (83 mi / 133 km SW)
8AL9 Geneva [Wiregrass Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US (83 mi / 133 km SW)
29FD Quincy [Gadsden Memorial Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (83 mi / 133 km S)
FD60 Altha [Calhoun Sheriff's Heliport], Florida, US (83 mi / 134 km S)
GA98 Lagrange [Grayhill Airport], Georgia, US (84 mi / 135 km N)
20AL Fort Rucker/Elba [Runkle Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US (84 mi / 135 km W)
5A2 Warner Robins [Warner Robins Air Park], Georgia, US (84 mi / 135 km NE)
07AL Fort Rucker/Samson [Tac X Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US (84 mi / 136 km SW)
51A Hawkinsville [Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Airport], Georgia, US (86 mi / 138 km NE)
5AL8 Samson [Fairlane Airport], Alabama, US (86 mi / 138 km SW)
AL83 Tallassee [Community Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US (86 mi / 138 km NW)
AL79 Pike Road [Bartlett Ranch Airport], Alabama, US (86 mi / 139 km NW)

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