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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VVTS SGN Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) [Tan Son Nhat Intl], VN
MMTM TAM Tampico [General Francisco Javier Mina Intl], Tamaulipas, MX
YGIA GBW Roy Hill Mine [Ginbata Airport], Western Australia, AU
SKLM MCJ Maicao [Jorge Isaacs Airport (La Mina Airport)], La Guajira, CO
FYSA RHN Rosh Pinah [Skorpion Mine Airport], Karas, NA
YCHK CKW Christmas Creek Mine, Western Australia, AU
CYOA YOA Ekati Diamond Mine [Ekati Airport], Northwest Territories, CA
YGON GPD Mount Gordon [Mount Gordon Mine Airport], Queensland, AU
SSOZ São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo [Mina Brucutu], Minas Gerais, BR
YESE ERQ Cloncurry [Elrose Mine Aerodrome], Queensland, AU
YDGA DGD Daggar Hills [Dalgaranga Gold Mine], Western Australia, AU
FALC LMR Lime Acres (Finsch Mine) [Finsch Mine Airport], Northern Cape, ZA
YWDG WRN Windarling Mine [Windarling Airport], Western Australia, AU
YOSB OSO Burnham [Osborne Mine Airport], Queensland, AU
FABX Beatrix Mine, Free State, ZA
YCNY Century Mine, Queensland, AU
XCL CJS3 Cluff Lake mine [Cluff Lake Airport], Saskatchewan, CA
CDK2 Diavak Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories, CA
YJAC Jacinth Ambrosia Mine [Jacinth Ambrosia Airport], South Australia, AU
SNMI Jaguarari [Mina Caraíba], Bahia, BR

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