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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 3049'48"N 8316'12"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FA57 Archer [Archer Emergency Heliport], Florida, US (100 mi / 161 km SE)
9GA3 Dawson [Young Field], Georgia, US (100 mi / 161 km NW)
51A Hawkinsville [Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Airport], Georgia, US (101 mi / 162 km N)
35FL Jacksonville [St. Vincent's Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (101 mi / 162 km E)
FA61 Jacksonville [Shands Jacksonville Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (101 mi / 163 km E)
71FD Middleburg [Blackcreek Intl Heliport], Florida, US (101 mi / 163 km SE)
FD11 Jacksonville [FPC Heliport], Florida, US (102 mi / 163 km E)
51FL Chiefland [Chiefland Sky Ranch Airport], Florida, US (102 mi / 164 km S)
FL21 Oceanway [Berlin Heliport], Florida, US (102 mi / 164 km E)
47GA Pinehurst [Everidge Airport], Georgia, US (102 mi / 164 km N)
7FD4 Jacksonville [Baptist Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (102 mi / 164 km E)
20FA Orange Park [Orange Park Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (102 mi / 165 km SE)
FA41 Jacksonville [Mosquito Control Heliport], Florida, US (102 mi / 165 km E)
FL84 Fernandina Beach [Flying-A-Ranch Airport], Florida, US (102 mi / 165 km E)
8FL8 Jacksonville [Jacksonville Police Heliport], Florida, US (103 mi / 165 km E)
4GA0 Americus [Hodges Field], Georgia, US (103 mi / 165 km NW)
FD87 Jacksonville [Jacksonville Pre-Trial Detention Facility Heliport], Florida, US (103 mi / 165 km E)
GA07 Americus [Air Evac Base 86 Heliport], Georgia, US (103 mi / 166 km NW)
62FD Orange Park [Doctors Lake SPB], Florida, US (103 mi / 166 km SE)
1GA7 Americus [Phoebe Sumter Heliport], Georgia, US (103 mi / 166 km NW)

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