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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3026'17"N 8117'53"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VIRB Fursatganj (Raebareli, Raibarely) [Raebareli Airport], Uttar Pradesh, IN (Code changed to VERB)
VIPL Patiala, Punjab, IN (295 mi / 474 km W)
VNTJ TPJ Taplejung, NP (295 mi / 474 km SE)
MWP Mountain, NP (296 mi / 476 km SE)
VNLT LTG Langtang, NP (301 mi / 485 km SE)
VIAG AGR Agra [Kheria], Uttar Pradesh, IN (303 mi / 488 km SW)
VNKT KTM Kathmandu [Tribhuvan Intl (Gauchar Airport)], NP (310 mi / 499 km SE)
VNSI SIF Simara, NP (318 mi / 511 km SE)
VERL Raxaul [Raxaul Airport], Bihar, IN (319 mi / 514 km SE)
VILD LUH Ludhiana, Punjab, IN (320 mi / 514 km W)
VIGG DHM Dharamsala (Kangra) [Gaggal], Himachal Pradesh, IN (321 mi / 516 km NW)
VIBW Bhiwani, Haryana, IN (327 mi / 526 km W)
VIAX AIP Adampur [Adampur Air Force Station], Jalandhar, Punjab, IN (336 mi / 541 km W)
VILH IXL Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, IN (336 mi / 541 km NW)
VIHX Halwara, Punjab, IN (338 mi / 545 km W)
VIGR GWL Gwalior (Maharajpur), Madhya Pradesh, IN (341 mi / 549 km SW)
VIHR HSS Hissar, Haryana, IN (344 mi / 554 km W)
VEAB IXD Allahabad [Allahabad Airport (Bamrauli Airport)], Uttar Pradesh, IN (345 mi / 556 km S)
VIAL Allahabad [Allahabad Airport (Bamrauli Airport)], Uttar Pradesh, IN (Code changed to VEAB)
VI20 Bhilwara, Haryana, IN (348 mi / 560 km SW)

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