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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3011'N 7412'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MYXI Scotland Cay [Scotland Cay Airport], North Abaco, BS (298 mi / 479 km SW)
MYAX Spanish Cay, Abaco Island, North Abaco, BS (301 mi / 485 km SW)
GTC Green Turtle Cay, North Abaco, BS (302 mi / 486 km SW)
MYAT TCB Treasure Cay, North Abaco, BS (306 mi / 493 km SW)
MYAM MHH Marsh Harbour, Central Abaco, BS (308 mi / 495 km SW)
MYAW WKR Walker's Cay, North Abaco, BS (325 mi / 523 km SW)
MYGD Deep Water Cay, East Grand Bahama, BS (333 mi / 537 km SW)
MYAO Moores Island, Moores Island, BS (336 mi / 541 km SW)
11NR Southport [Dosher Heliport], North Carolina, US (342 mi / 550 km NW)
NR15 Southport [Brunswick Nuclear Plant Helipad], North Carolina, US (343 mi / 552 km NW)
27NC Southport [Brunswick Media Center Heliport], North Carolina, US (343 mi / 552 km NW)
KSUT SUT Oak Island [Cape Fear Regional Jetport/Howie Franklin Field], North Carolina, US (344 mi / 553 km NW)
NC80 Morehead City [Morehead City State Port Terminal Heliport], North Carolina, US (345 mi / 555 km NW)
KMRH MRH Beaufort [Michael J Smith Field], North Carolina, US (345 mi / 555 km NW)
05NC Beaufort [Dead Cow Field], North Carolina, US (346 mi / 557 km NW)
03NC Carolina Beach [Pilots Ridge Airport], North Carolina, US (347 mi / 558 km NW)
NC54 Atlantic [Jackson Airport (Private)], North Carolina, US (347 mi / 559 km N)
12NC Atlantic [Atlantic Field Marine Corps Outlying Field], North Carolina, US (347 mi / 559 km N)
MYAS Sandy Point, Abaco Island, South Abaco, BS (348 mi / 559 km SW)
(MYAG) Castaway Cay (Gorda Cay), Central Abaco, BS (348 mi / 560 km SW)

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