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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 2805'38"N 8107'27"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
31FL Melbourne [Forever Florida Airport], Florida, US (7 mi / 12 km SE)
57FA St. Cloud [Lake X Airport], Florida, US (8 mi / 13 km N)
72FL St. Cloud [Gator Airpark], Florida, US (8 mi / 13 km NW)
FD37 St. Cloud [Gentry Airport], Florida, US (9 mi / 14 km W)
FA94 St. Cloud [O'Neals SPB], Florida, US (12 mi / 19 km NW)
FD74 West Melbourne [Gamebird Groves Airstrip], Florida, US (14 mi / 22 km E)
80FA Kenansville [Lake Marian SPB], Florida, US (14 mi / 23 km S)
FD52 St. Cloud [St. Cloud Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (15 mi / 24 km NW)
3FA3 Saint Cloud [Southfork Heliport], Florida, US (17 mi / 28 km NW)
33FL Kenansville [Flying S Ranch Airport], Florida, US (18 mi / 29 km SE)
19FD Kissimmee [Osceola Sheriff's Office - Bronson Highway Heliport], Florida, US (18 mi / 29 km NW)
FA78 St. Cloud [Robinestte SPB], Florida, US (18 mi / 29 km NW)
4FL1 Kenansville [Escape Ranch Airport], Florida, US (19 mi / 30 km SE)
54FD Orlando [LM-ETS Airport], Florida, US (19 mi / 31 km N)
FD83 Kissimmee [Stout Airport], Florida, US (19 mi / 31 km NW)
FD12 Kissimmee [Toho SPB], Florida, US (20 mi / 31 km NW)
FD21 Orlando [Moon Landing SPB], Florida, US (20 mi / 32 km N)
9FD0 Lake Wales [Sage Seadrome SPB], Florida, US (20 mi / 32 km SW)
2FL8 River Ranch [Tiger Lake Airport], Florida, US (21 mi / 33 km SW)
FA75 Orlando [Orlando Va Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (21 mi / 33 km NW)

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