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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 2642'55"N 8142'09"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
58FA Riverview [St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (84 mi / 135 km NW)
FD88 Fort Pierce [Aero Acres Airport], Florida, US (85 mi / 136 km NE)
KBOW BOW BOW Bartow [Bartow Executive Airport], Florida, US (85 mi / 136 km N)
X25 Lake Wales [Chalet Suzanne Air Strip], Florida, US (86 mi / 138 km N)
06FA Jupiter [William P Gwinn Airport], Florida, US (86 mi / 138 km E)
52FA Lake Wales [Bent Willies Airport], Florida, US (86 mi / 138 km N)
7FL8 Fort Pierce [Dragonfly Airport], Florida, US (86 mi / 139 km NE)
X49 Lakeland [South Lakeland Airport], Florida, US (86 mi / 139 km N)
7FD6 Lake Worth [Loxahatchee Airport], Florida, US (87 mi / 139 km E)
FL78 Brandon [Lewis Airport], Florida, US (87 mi / 139 km N)
9FD0 Lake Wales [Sage Seadrome SPB], Florida, US (87 mi / 140 km N)
FD30 Fort Pierce [Southeastern Airport], Florida, US (87 mi / 140 km NE)
FD38 West Palm Beach [Wellington Aero Club Airport], Florida, US (87 mi / 140 km E)
71FA Jupiter [FPL Jupiter West Office Complex Heliport], Florida, US (88 mi / 141 km E)
80FA Kenansville [Lake Marian SPB], Florida, US (89 mi / 143 km NE)
64FA Stuart [Naked Lady Ranch Airport], Florida, US (89 mi / 144 km E)
70FA Vero Beach [Wee Bee Sky Ranch Airport], Florida, US (90 mi / 144 km NE)
7FL1 Winter Haven [Adams Executive Heliport], Florida, US (90 mi / 144 km N)
KLAL LAL LAL Lakeland [Lakeland Linder Intl], Florida, US (90 mi / 144 km N)
FA19 Loxahatchee [Palms West Hospital Helistop], Florida, US (90 mi / 144 km E)

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