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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 2642'55"N 8142'09"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KAPF APF APF Naples [Muni], Florida, US (39 mi / 63 km S)
FD97 Naples [Naples Community Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (39 mi / 63 km S)
49FA North Port [North Port Fire Rescue Station 81 Heliport], Florida, US (40 mi / 64 km NW)
84FD North Port [North Port EMS Heliport], Florida, US (40 mi / 64 km NW)
2IS Clewiston [Airglades Airport], Florida, US (40 mi / 65 km E)
FA02 Sunniland [Counter Terrorism Advanced Training Center Airport], Florida, US (41 mi / 65 km SE)
09FA Lake Placid [Placid Lakes Airport], Florida, US (41 mi / 65 km NE)
FA60 Lake Placid [Vince's Condominium Association Airport], Florida, US (41 mi / 66 km NE)
FA37 Naples [Wing South Airpark], Florida, US (41 mi / 66 km S)
4FL7 Naples [Physicians Regional Medical Center-Collier Blvd. Heliport], Florida, US (42 mi / 67 km S)
0FA1 Arcadia [Ott's Landing Airport], Florida, US (42 mi / 68 km N)
X36 Englewood [Buchan Airport], Florida, US (46 mi / 73 km NW)
60FA Okeechobee [Brighton Heliport], Florida, US (46 mi / 74 km NE)
FA18 La Belle [Devils Garden Strip], Florida, US (46 mi / 74 km SE)
0FA3 Brighton [Brighton Helipad], Florida, US (46 mi / 74 km NE)
30FA Lake Placid [Florida Hospital Lake Placid Heliport], Florida, US (46 mi / 75 km NE)
45FA Clewiston [Hendry Medical Heliport], Florida, US (47 mi / 76 km E)
03FA Lake Placid [Lake Persimmon Airstrip], Florida, US (48 mi / 76 km N)
0FL9 Clewiston [McDaniel Ranch Inc. Airport], Florida, US (48 mi / 76 km SE)
FL00 Zolfo Springs [Griffins Peace River Ranch Airport], Florida, US (49 mi / 79 km N)

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