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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 2606'50"N 8011'37"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
95FD La Belle [South Point Airport], Florida, US (95 mi / 153 km NW)
87FL Alva [Alma Airport], Florida, US (95 mi / 154 km NW)
65FA Naples [Physicians Regional Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (96 mi / 154 km W)
KFPR FPR FPR Fort Pierce [Treasure Coast Intl], Florida, US (96 mi / 154 km N)
5FL6 Okeechobee [Gary Stark Airport], Florida, US (97 mi / 156 km NW)
08FL Lake Placid [J H Hendrie Farms Airport], Florida, US (97 mi / 156 km NW)
50FA Lehigh Acres [Lehigh Acres Regional Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (97 mi / 157 km W)
MYGF FPO Freeport [Grand Bahamas Intl], City of Freeport, BS (98 mi / 157 km E)
FD70 Okeechobee [River Acres Airport], Florida, US (98 mi / 158 km NW)
KAPF APF APF Naples [Muni], Florida, US (98 mi / 158 km W)
FA98 Naples [North Collier Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (100 mi / 160 km W)
FD97 Naples [Naples Community Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (100 mi / 160 km W)
3FD0 Lake Placid [Last Chance Ranch Airport], Florida, US (100 mi / 161 km NW)
FL59 Fort Myers [Buckingham Field], Florida, US (101 mi / 162 km W)
KRSW RSW RSW Fort Myers [Southwest Florida Intl], Florida, US (101 mi / 163 km W)
MYNA Nassau ARTCC, BS (102 mi / 163 km NE)
FD25 Vero Beach [Fly In Ranches Airport], Florida, US (102 mi / 163 km N)
6FL3 Punta Gorda [Payson Ranch Airport], Florida, US (102 mi / 165 km NW)
70FA Vero Beach [Wee Bee Sky Ranch Airport], Florida, US (103 mi / 165 km N)
FL74 Vero Beach [Indian River Aerodrome], Florida, US (104 mi / 167 km N)

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