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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 26°05'28"N 108°06'31"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MMCS CJS Ciudad Juárez [Abraham González Intl], Chihuahua, MX (395 mi / 636 km N)
48XS Marathon [Maravillas Gap Ranch Airport], Texas, US (395 mi / 636 km NE)
1AZ6 Sierra Vista [Skyline Air Ranch Airport], Arizona, US (395 mi / 636 km N)
CUS 0NM0 Columbus [Muni], New Mexico, US (396 mi / 637 km N)
MM19 Colotlan, Zacatecas, MX (397 mi / 638 km SE)
KVHN VHN VHN Van Horn [Culberson County Airport], Texas, US (397 mi / 639 km NE)
1XS7 Terlingua [Heath Canyon Airport], Texas, US (397 mi / 639 km NE)
4AZ4 Tombstone [Fort Omotse Heliport], Arizona, US (398 mi / 640 km N)
(TA56) Fort Davis [Blue Mountain Airport], Texas, US (398 mi / 641 km NE)
AZ89 Sierra Vista [Sierra Vista Regional Health Center Heliport], Arizona, US (398 mi / 641 km N)
25AZ Portal [Mystery Well Ranch Airport], Arizona, US (398 mi / 641 km N)
74AZ Tombstone [Rancho San Marcos Airport], Arizona, US (398 mi / 641 km N)
NM09 Columbus [First Aero Squadron Airpark], New Mexico, US (399 mi / 642 km N)
NM78 Columbus [Hacienda Sur Luna Airport], New Mexico, US (400 mi / 643 km N)
32TX Kent [Rockpile Ranch Airport], Texas, US (400 mi / 643 km NE)
ALE E38 Alpine [Alpine-Casparis Muni], Texas, US (400 mi / 644 km NE)
17TS Alpine [Big Bend Regional Medical Center Heliport], Texas, US (401 mi / 645 km NE)
P29 Tombstone [Muni], Arizona, US (401 mi / 646 km N)
85NM Playas [Playas Medical Building Heliport], New Mexico, US (402 mi / 647 km N)
KFHU FHU FHU Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista [Sierra Vista Muni-Libby AAF], Arizona, US (402 mi / 647 km N)

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