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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 2306'N 11424'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZGHZ HUZ Huizhou [Huizhou Pingtan Airport], Guangdong, CN (13 mi / 21 km E)
XHO Dongguan [City Bus Station], Guangdong, CN (20 mi / 33 km W)
ZGSZ SZX Shenzhen (Zhenzhen) [Shenzhen Bao'an Intl (Shenzhen Huangtian Airport)], Guangdong, CN (49 mi / 79 km SW)
VHSK Shek Kong Camp [Sek Kong], HK (50 mi / 80 km SW)
ZYK Shekou [Shekou Port Ferry Terminal], Guangdong, CN (53 mi / 85 km SW)
(VHHH) (HKG) Hong Kong [Intl - Kai Tak], HK (55 mi / 89 km S)
(VHHK) Hong Kong [RAF - Kai Tak], HK (55 mi / 89 km S)
XJH Hong Kong [Ferry Terminal], HK (57 mi / 92 km S)
ZIY Lianhuashan [Lianhuashan Port Ferry Terminal], Guangdong, CN (58 mi / 93 km W)
VHST Hong Kong [Shun Tak Heliport], HK (58 mi / 93 km S)
VHSS HHP Hong Kong [Sheung Wan Heliport (Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal)], HK (58 mi / 93 km S)
VHHH HKG Hong Kong [Intl - Chek Lap Kok], HK (63 mi / 101 km SW)
ZGGG CAN Guangzhou (Canton) [Baiyun], Guangdong, CN (72 mi / 116 km W)
XZM Macau [Macau Heliport at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal], MO (82 mi / 132 km SW)
YFT Taipa (Macau) [Taipa Ferry Terminal], Taipa Island, MO (83 mi / 134 km SW)
VMMC MFM Macau [Intl], Taipa Island, MO (83 mi / 134 km SW)
ZGFS FUO Foshan (Fuoshan) [Shadi Airport], Guangdong, CN (85 mi / 136 km W)
SZO Shanzhou, Guangdong, CN (96 mi / 155 km SW)
ZGSD ZUH Zhuhai (Sanzao, Shanzhou) [Intl], Guangdong, CN (100 mi / 160 km SW)
ZGXN XIN Xingning, Guangdong, CN (112 mi / 181 km NE)

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