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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 23°08'14"N 82°21'32"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
95FD La Belle [South Point Airport], Florida, US (255 mi / 411 km N)
1FL9 La Belle [Hendry County Fire-EMS Heliport], Florida, US (255 mi / 411 km N)
MYCC CXY North Cat Cay [Cat Cay Airport], Bimini, BS (256 mi / 412 km NE)
FA54 Placida [Coral Creek Airport], Florida, US (256 mi / 412 km N)
KPMP PPM PMP Pompano Beach [Pompano Beach Airpark], Florida, US (257 mi / 413 km NE)
FL41 South Bay [Okeelanta Airport], Florida, US (258 mi / 414 km NE)
28FA Pompano Beach [N Broward Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (258 mi / 415 km NE)
FD20 La Belle [Sundance Farms Airport], Florida, US (258 mi / 415 km N)
0FL0 Clewiston [Harper's Fly-In Ranch Airport], Florida, US (258 mi / 416 km N)
41FD Placida [Rotunda Heliport], Florida, US (259 mi / 417 km N)
3FD8 Boca Raton [West Boca Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (260 mi / 418 km NE)
2IS Clewiston [Airglades Airport], Florida, US (261 mi / 420 km N)
FA69 Belle Glade [Duda Airstrip], Florida, US (261 mi / 420 km NE)
MUCC CCC Cayo Coco [Jardines del Rey Intl], Ciego de Ávila, CU (261 mi / 421 km E)
KPGD PGD PGD Punta Gorda, Florida, US (261 mi / 421 km N)
MYBS BIM Bimini (South Bimini) [Intl], Bimini, BS (263 mi / 423 km NE)
58FL Boca Raton [A I M Heliport], Florida, US (264 mi / 424 km NE)
KBCT BCT BCT Boca Raton, Florida, US (264 mi / 425 km NE)
45FA Clewiston [Hendry Medical Heliport], Florida, US (264 mi / 425 km N)
40FL Punta Gorda [Adana Airfield], Florida, US (264 mi / 425 km N)

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