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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 2308'14"N 8221'32"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
23FA Miami Beach [Ocean Beach Resort Heliport], Florida, US (233 mi / 374 km NE)
5FD9 Cape Coral [St. James Helistop], Florida, US (233 mi / 375 km N)
3FL9 Fort Myers [Healthpark of Florida Emergency Helistop], Florida, US (234 mi / 376 km N)
4FD8 Sanibel [Captiva Heliport], Florida, US (235 mi / 377 km N)
KIMM IMM IMM Immokalee [Immokalee Regional], Florida, US (235 mi / 378 km N)
0FD2 Miami [Dolphin Stadium Heliport], Florida, US (236 mi / 379 km NE)
59FD Immokalee [Big Cypress Airfield], Florida, US (236 mi / 379 km N)
FA21 Pembroke Pines [Memorial Hospital West Helistop], Florida, US (236 mi / 380 km NE)
FL87 North Miami Beach [Intra Coastal Police Sub-Station Heliport], Florida, US (237 mi / 381 km NE)
3FA4 Fort Myers [Gulf Coast Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US (237 mi / 381 km N)
67FD Fort Myers [Gulf Coast Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (237 mi / 381 km N)
KRSW RSW RSW Fort Myers [Southwest Florida Intl], Florida, US (237 mi / 381 km N)
FL86 Fort Myers [Woodstock Airport], Florida, US (238 mi / 383 km N)
KHWO HWO HWO Hollywood [North Perry Airport], Florida, US (238 mi / 383 km NE)
FD13 Weston [Cleveland Clinic Florida Hospital Heliport], Florida, US (239 mi / 384 km NE)
FL90 Upper Captiva (Fort Myers) [Salty Approach Airport], Florida, US (239 mi / 384 km N)
4FD6 Pine Island Center [Pine Island Helistop], Florida, US (239 mi / 385 km N)
0FL9 Clewiston [McDaniel Ranch Inc. Airport], Florida, US (239 mi / 385 km N)
05FD North Miami Beach [Aventura Heliport], Florida, US (239 mi / 385 km NE)
KFMY FMY FMY Fort Myers [Page Field], Florida, US (239 mi / 385 km N)

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