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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 2216'S 16628'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AGGR RNL Rennell/Tingoa, Rennell Island, SB (851 mi / 1369 km NW)
YORC OKB Orchid Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland, AU (854 mi / 1374 km W)
NFNB LEV Bureta [Levuka Airfield], Ovalau Island, FJ (858 mi / 1381 km E)
AGGK IRA Kirakira [Ngorangora], Makira Island, SB (867 mi / 1395 km N)
AGGB BNY Bellona/Anua, SB (873 mi / 1406 km NW)
NFNW KAY Wakaya Island, FJ (876 mi / 1410 km E)
NFNU BVF Bua [Dama], FJ (877 mi / 1411 km NE)
NFNG NGI Ngau (Gau), Ngau Island, FJ (883 mi / 1421 km E)
LYT Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, AU (884 mi / 1422 km W)
YHBA HVB Hervey Bay, Queensland, AU (885 mi / 1425 km W)
YCXA Cooloola Cove [Cooloola Cove Airpark], Queensland, AU (887 mi / 1428 km W)
YTGA TAN Tangalooma (Cowan Cowan), Moreton Island, Queensland, AU (889 mi / 1430 km SW)
YNSH NSV Noosaville (Noosa), Queensland, AU (892 mi / 1435 km W)
TWN Tewantin, Queensland, AU (893 mi / 1437 km W)
YBSU MCY Maroochydore (Marcoola) [Sunshine Coast Airport (Maroochydore-Sunshine Coast Airport)], Queensland, AU (893 mi / 1438 km W)
YBMC Maroochydore (Marcoola) [Maroochydore-Sunshine Coast Airport], Queensland, AU (Code changed to YBSU)
YDUN SRR Stradbroke Island [Dunwich Airport], Queensland, AU (894 mi / 1439 km SW)
YCDR CUD Caloundra, Queensland, AU (897 mi / 1443 km SW)
YMYB MBH Maryborough, Queensland, AU (898 mi / 1445 km W)
NBR Nambour, Queensland, AU (901 mi / 1451 km W)

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