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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 2125'12"S 2535'24"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FVDE Deka, Matabeleland North, ZW (240 mi / 386 km N)
FVSV Spray View, Matabeleland North, ZW (241 mi / 389 km N)
FVYT Inyati, Matabeleland North, ZW (242 mi / 390 km NE)
FVFI Filabusi, Matabeleland South, ZW (245 mi / 395 km E)
FADB Dwaalboom [Dwaalboom Airport], Limpopo, ZA (246 mi / 396 km S)
FLLI Livingstone (Maramba) [Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Intl (Livingstone Airport)], Southern, ZM (Code changed to FLHN)
FLHN LVI Livingstone (Maramba) [Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Intl (Livingstone Airport)], Southern, ZM (248 mi / 399 km N)
FBKE BBK Kasane, North-West, BW (248 mi / 400 km N)
FBKY Kanye [Kanye Airport], Southern, BW (250 mi / 403 km S)
FAVM Venetia, Limpopo, ZA (251 mi / 404 km E)
FBGZ GNZ Ghanzi [Ghanzi Airport], Ghanzi, BW (254 mi / 408 km W)
FBLO LOQ Lobatse [Lobatse Airport], South-East, BW (260 mi / 419 km S)
FBGM Gomare [Gomare Airport], North-West, BW (263 mi / 423 km NW)
FBOK Okwa [Okwa Camp One Airport], Ghanzi, BW (264 mi / 424 km SW)
FBNN Nokaneng [Nokaneng Airport], North-West, BW (264 mi / 426 km NW)
FADO Dendron, Limpopo, ZA (273 mi / 440 km SE)
FVLU Lusulu, Matabeleland North, ZW (273 mi / 440 km NE)
FYKM MPA Katima Mulilo [Mpacha Airport (Katima Mulilo Airport)], Zambezi, NA (276 mi / 445 km N)
FVBI Binga, Matabeleland North, ZW (283 mi / 455 km NE)
FLSS SJQ Sesheke, Western, ZM (284 mi / 457 km N)

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