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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 2048'N 3212'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HSSW WHF Wadi Halfa, Northern, SD (82 mi / 131 km NW)
HEBL ABS Abu Simbel, Aswan, EG (115 mi / 185 km N)
HSDN DOG Dongola, Northern, SD (161 mi / 260 km SW)
HSMR (MWE) Merowe [Merowe Town Airport], Northern, SD (163 mi / 263 km S)
HSMN MWE Merowe (Marawi) [Merowe Airport], Northern, SD (164 mi / 264 km S)
HSDB EDB El Debba (Al Dabbah), Northern, SD (207 mi / 334 km SW)
HESN ASW Aswan [Intl], Aswan, EG (221 mi / 356 km N)
HSAT ATB Atbara, Northern, SD (245 mi / 394 km SE)
HE23 Daraw, Aswan, EG (253 mi / 408 km N)
HEOW GSQ Sharq Al-Owainat [Intl], Al Wadi al Jadid, EG (255 mi / 411 km NW)
HSND Shendi, River Nile, SD (293 mi / 472 km S)
HE17 Bir Abu Rahal, Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG (300 mi / 483 km N)
HE14 Ras Banas, Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG (302 mi / 486 km NE)
HSSP Port Sudan [Port Sudan Military Airport], Red Sea, SD (336 mi / 541 km E)
HELX LXR Luxor [Intl], Qina, EG (337 mi / 542 km N)
HEKG UVL El-Kharga (Kharga Oasis) [New Valley Airport], Al Wadi al Jadid, EG (338 mi / 543 km N)
HSPN PZU Port Sudan [New Intl], Red Sea, SD (340 mi / 548 km E)
HSCG Carthago, Red Sea, SD (343 mi / 552 km SE)
HSSS KRT Khartoum, Khartoum, SD (359 mi / 578 km S)
HEMA RMF Marsa Alam [Intl], Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG (361 mi / 581 km NE)

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