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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 20°16'55"S 174°48'14"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NVSR RCL Redcliffe, Ambae Island, Pénama, VU (1189 mi / 1914 km W)
NVSX SWJ Southwest Bay (South West Bay), Malekula Island, Malampa, VU (1194 mi / 1922 km W)
NWWO IOU Île Ouen [Edmond Cané], NC (1195 mi / 1924 km W)
NVSW WLH Walaha, Ambae Island, Pénama, VU (1200 mi / 1931 km W)
NVSP NUS Norsup, Malekula Island, Malampa, VU (1204 mi / 1938 km W)
NWWV UVE Ouvéa [Ouloup], Fayaue Island, NC (1207 mi / 1942 km W)
NWWM GEA Nouméa [Magenta], NC (1214 mi / 1954 km W)
PCIS CIS Kanton Island (Canton Island, Abariringa Island) [Canton Island Airport], Phoenix Islands, KI (1222 mi / 1966 km N)
NVSS SON Espíritu Santo (Luganville) [Santo-Pekoa Intl], Espíritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (1227 mi / 1975 km W)
GC0085 Ratua Island [Ratua Airfield], Sanma, VU (1228 mi / 1976 km W)
NWWW NOU Nouméa [La Tontouta Intl], NC (1230 mi / 1979 km W)
(WGN) Waitangi, Northland, NZ (1234 mi / 1986 km SW)
NZPA Paihia [Heliport], Northland, NZ (1235 mi / 1987 km SW)
NVSQ ZGU Gaua Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (1235 mi / 1988 km W)
GC0086 Lataroa Island [Lataroa Island Airfield], Sanma, VU (1235 mi / 1988 km W)
GC0087 Velit Bay [Velit Bay Airfield], Espiritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (1238 mi / 1992 km W)
YSNF NLK Norfolk Island, NF (1240 mi / 1995 km SW)
NZKK KKE Kerikeri/Bay of Islands, Northland, NZ (1240 mi / 1995 km SW)
NZMG Mangonui [Heliport], Northland, NZ (1240 mi / 1996 km SW)
NZJI Bay of Islands [Hospital Heliport], Northland, NZ (1241 mi / 1997 km SW)

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