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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 19°59'S 47°19'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MMW Moma, Nampula, MZ (577 mi / 928 km W)
FQNC MNC Nacala [Nacala Airport], Nampula, MZ (577 mi / 929 km NW)
GC0031 Grande Glorieuse, Glorioso Islands (Îles Glorieuses), TF (578 mi / 929 km N)
FMCI NWA Moheli [Bandar es Salam], KM (579 mi / 931 km NW)
FQNP APL Nampula [Nampula Airport], Nampula, MZ (627 mi / 1009 km NW)
PEB Pebane, Zambézia, MZ (628 mi / 1011 km W)
FMCN YVA Moroni [Iconi], KM (630 mi / 1014 km NW)
FMCH HAH Moroni (Hahaya) [Prince Saïd Ibrahim Intl (Moroni Hahaya Intl)], KM (640 mi / 1030 km NW)
BJN Bajone, Zambézia, MZ (644 mi / 1036 km W)
FQPB POL Pemba (Porto Amelia) [Pemba Airport], Cabo Delgado, MZ (659 mi / 1061 km NW)
FIML Plaine des Roches (Mon Loisir Sugar State Fields) [Mon Loisir Airstrip], MU (674 mi / 1084 km E)
FIMP MRU Mauritius (Plaine Magnien) [Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl (Plaisance Airport)], MU (674 mi / 1084 km E)
FSSA Astove Island [Astove Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (683 mi / 1099 km N)
IBO Ibo [Ibo Airport], Ilha do Ibo, Cabo Delgado, MZ (689 mi / 1108 km NW)
FQQL UEL Quelimane [Quelimane Airport], Zambézia, MZ (699 mi / 1125 km W)
AME Alto Molocue, Zambézia, MZ (700 mi / 1127 km NW)
FSAS Assumption Island (Île de l'Assomption) [Assumption Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (706 mi / 1137 km N)
INE Chinde, Zambézia, MZ (717 mi / 1154 km W)
MTU Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, MZ (723 mi / 1163 km NW)
FSFA Farquhar Atoll (Île du Nord) [Farquhar Airport], Outer Islands, SC (726 mi / 1168 km N)

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