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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 19°36'30"N 99°10'10"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MMSC SZT San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX (480 mi / 773 km SE)
92XS Raymondville [T R Funk Inc. Airport], Texas, US (482 mi / 776 km N)
MMCE CME Ciudad del Carmen [Intl], Campeche, MX (486 mi / 783 km E)
MM36 Rancho San Salvador Northeast, Nuevo León, MX (491 mi / 790 km N)
T05 Port Mansfield [Charles R Johnson Airport], Texas, US (491 mi / 790 km N)
XS93 Santa Elena [Diamond O Ranch Airport], Texas, US (491 mi / 790 km N)
MMTC TRC Torreón [Francisco Sarabia Intl (Torreón Intl)], Coahuila, MX (491 mi / 791 km NW)
MMPQ PQM Palenque [Intl], Chiapas, MX (492 mi / 792 km E)
MM16 J Agustin Castro, Durango, MX (493 mi / 793 km NW)
MM11 Rancho El Durangueno, Durango, MX (494 mi / 795 km NW)
MM51 Rancho Guadalupe South, Coahuila, MX (496 mi / 798 km N)
38XS Santa Elena [San Rafael Ranch Airport], Texas, US (498 mi / 801 km N)
2TA8 Encino [El Coyote Ranch Airport], Texas, US (503 mi / 809 km N)
KAPY APY Zapata [Zapata County Airport], Texas, US (507 mi / 815 km N)
XS92 Sarita [South Tajos Ranch Airport], Texas, US (509 mi / 819 km N)
47TX Armstrong [Armstrong Ranch Airport], Texas, US (512 mi / 824 km N)
TA44 Hebbronville [Puesta Del Sol Airport], Texas, US (515 mi / 829 km N)
XS94 San Ygnacio [Corralitos Airport], Texas, US (517 mi / 831 km N)
MMMZ MZT Mazatlán [General Rafael Buelna Intl], Sinaloa, MX (518 mi / 834 km NW)
7TE2 Falfurrias [Cage Ranch Airport], Texas, US (520 mi / 836 km N)

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