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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 19°36'30"N 99°10'10"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MMMA MAM Matamoros [General Servando Canales Intl], Tamaulipas, MX (437 mi / 703 km N)
MMTB Tuxtla Gutiérrez [General Div P A Angel H Corzo Molina], Chiapas, MX (441 mi / 709 km SE)
MMRX REX Reynosa [General Lucio Blanco Intl], Tamaulipas, MX (445 mi / 715 km N)
KBRO BRO BRO Brownsville [Brownsville/South Padre Island Intl], Texas, US (447 mi / 720 km N)
80TX Brownsville [Resaca Airstrip], Texas, US (449 mi / 723 km N)
MM37 Casa Madero, Coahuila, MX (450 mi / 724 km NW)
2XS0 Brownsville [Columbia Valley Regional Heliport], Texas, US (451 mi / 725 km N)
MM48 Ciudad Pemex, Tabasco, MX (454 mi / 731 km E)
MMTG TGZ Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Chiapa de Corzo) [Ángel Albino Corzo Intl], Chiapas, MX (454 mi / 731 km SE)
43TX Alamo [Mid-Valley Dusters Inc. Airport], Texas, US (455 mi / 733 km N)
KMFE MFE MFE McAllen [McAllen Miller Intl], Texas, US (456 mi / 734 km N)
67XS Weslaco [Knapp Medical Center Heliport], Texas, US (457 mi / 735 km N)
0TS8 Mercedes [Flying 'K' Ranch Ultralight Flightpark], Texas, US (458 mi / 736 km N)
KTXW TXW Weslaco [Mid Valley Airport], Texas, US (458 mi / 738 km N)
3XA4 Palmview [Palmview Police Department Heliport], Texas, US (459 mi / 739 km N)
5XS6 Mercedes [Old Reb Airport], Texas, US (459 mi / 739 km N)
2TS2 Harlingen [Shofner Farms Airport], Texas, US (461 mi / 741 km N)
53XS San Benito [Kornegay Airport (Private)], Texas, US (461 mi / 742 km N)
MM44 Agualeguas Old, Nuevo León, MX (461 mi / 743 km N)
78TS Harlingen [South Texas Emergency Care Foundation Inc. Heliport], Texas, US (461 mi / 743 km N)

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