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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 1849'30"N 7954'36"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VODK Donakonda [Donakonda Airport], Andhra Pradesh, IN (208 mi / 334 km S)
VOGB GBI Gulbarga (Kalaburgi) [Kalaburagi Intl (Kalaburgi Intl)], Karnataka, IN (220 mi / 354 km SW)
VENP Nawapara, Odisha, IN (221 mi / 355 km NE)
VAAK AKD Akola, Maharashtra, IN (226 mi / 364 km NW)
VOLT LTU Latur [Latur Airport], Maharashtra, IN (228 mi / 366 km W)
VO55 Murod Kond, Maharashtra, IN (228 mi / 366 km W)
VE96 Thuniabhand, Madhya Pradesh, IN (228 mi / 367 km N)
VEVZ Visakhapatnam [Intl], Andhra Pradesh, IN (Code changed to VOVZ)
VOVZ VTZ Visakhapatnam [Intl], Andhra Pradesh, IN (231 mi / 371 km E)
VEUK Utkela (Bhawanipatna) [Utkela Airstrip], Odisha, IN (231 mi / 371 km NE)
VA1L Amla, Madhya Pradesh, IN (243 mi / 391 km NW)
OMN Osmanabad [Osmanabad Airport], Maharashtra, IN (255 mi / 411 km W)
VE36 Nuagaon, Odisha, IN (258 mi / 415 km NE)
VEBU PAB Bilaspur [Bilaspur Airport], Chhattisgarh, IN (260 mi / 419 km NE)
VABI Bilaspur [Bilaspur Airport], Chhattisgarh, IN (Code changed to VEBU)
VASL SSE Solapur (Sholapur) [Solapur Airport], Maharashtra, IN (274 mi / 441 km W)
VAJB JLR Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, IN (300 mi / 482 km N)
VAAU IXU Aurangabad [Aurangabad Airport], Maharashtra, IN (303 mi / 488 km W)
VERH Raigarh (Kondatarai) [Raigarh Airport], Chhattisgarh, IN (305 mi / 490 km NE)
VEPN Phulbani [Phulbani Airstrip], Odisha, IN (305 mi / 491 km E)

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