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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 1758'N 10236'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZPJH JHG Jinghong [Xishuangbanna Gasa Intl (Jinghong Intl)], Yunnan, CN (301 mi / 484 km NW)
PMM Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao, TH (301 mi / 484 km S)
VVGL Hanoi [Gia Lam (City)], VN (301 mi / 485 km NE)
VVNB HAN Hanoi [Noi Bai Intl], VN (306 mi / 493 km NE)
VTCS Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, TH (307 mi / 495 km W)
VTBD DMK Bangkok [Don Mueang Intl (Don Muang Intl)], Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, TH (309 mi / 497 km SW)
VTCK Mae Hong Son (Khun Yuam), Mae Hong Son, TH (312 mi / 502 km W)
VTCH HGN Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son, TH (317 mi / 510 km W)
VTBS BKK Bangkok [Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Intl], Samut Prakan, TH (319 mi / 514 km SW)
VTBK KDT Nakhon Pathom [Kamphaeng Saen], Suphan Buri, TH (320 mi / 515 km SW)
VDSR REP Siem Reap [Angkor Intl], Siem Reap, KH (324 mi / 521 km S)
VV03 Hai Phong (Haiphong) [Kien An], VN (326 mi / 525 km NE)
VYMP Mongpyin, MM (329 mi / 529 km NW)
OMY Thbeng Meanchey [Preah Vinhear Airport], Preah Vihear, KH (330 mi / 530 km SE)
VVCI HPH Hai Phong (Haiphong) [Cat Bi Intl], VN (333 mi / 536 km NE)
VYPA PAA Pa-an (Hpa-an), Kayin, MM (333 mi / 537 km W)
QHI Chon Buri Sattahip, Kalasin, TH (334 mi / 538 km S)
VVKP Bac Giang [Kep AB], VN (335 mi / 540 km NE)
VDBG BBM Battambang [Battambang Airport], Battambang, KH (337 mi / 543 km S)
VBPP PPU Papun, Kayin, MM (339 mi / 545 km W)

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