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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 17°15'N 88°46'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MZBB Blackbird Caye [Blackbird Caye Airstrip], Belize, BZ (64 mi / 103 km E)
MZSP SPR MZ10 San Pedro [John Greif II Airport], Belize, BZ (70 mi / 112 km NE)
STU Santa Cruz [Santa Cruz Airport], Corozal, BZ (73 mi / 117 km N)
MGMM FRS Flores (Santa Elena) [Mundo Maya Intl (Flores Intl)], Petén, GT (76 mi / 123 km W)
MGTK Flores (Santa Elena) [Mundo Maya Intl (Flores Intl)], Petén, GT (Code changed to MGMM)
MGPP PON Poptún, Petén, GT (77 mi / 124 km SW)
MZPG PND Punta Gorda [Punta Gorda Airport], Toledo, BZ (79 mi / 127 km S)
MZCZ CZH Corozal [Corozal Airport (Ranchito Airstrip)], Corozal, BZ (81 mi / 131 km N)
MZJC Chan Chen [Johnny Chan Chen Aistrip], Corozal, BZ (84 mi / 136 km N)
MZLH Northern Two Cayes [Northern Two Cayes Airstrip], Belize, BZ (85 mi / 137 km E)
MGCR CMM Carmelita, Petén, GT (86 mi / 138 km W)
MZSJ SJX Sarteneja [Sarteneja Airstrip], Corozal, BZ (87 mi / 140 km NE)
MMCM CTM Chetumal [Intl], Quintana Roo, MX (91 mi / 146 km N)
PCG Paso Caballos, Petén, GT (97 mi / 156 km W)
MGLL La Libertad, Petén, GT (97 mi / 156 km W)
MGPB PBR Puerto Barrios, Izabal, GT (105 mi / 169 km S)
MGRD LCF Río Dulce [Las Vegas Airport], Izabal, GT (110 mi / 176 km S)
MHPU Puerto Cortés, Cortés, HN (112 mi / 180 km SE)
MGBN Bananera (Morales), Izabal, GT (122 mi / 197 km S)
MG13 Inta Northeast, Alta Verapaz, GT (123 mi / 197 km SW)

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