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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 17°07'N 61°51'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PR25 Lajas [Lajas Airpark], Puerto Rico, US (350 mi / 563 km W)
TGPY GND St. George's [Maurice Bishop Intl (Point Salines Intl)], Grenada, GD (352 mi / 566 km S)
PR28 Isabela [R H Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (354 mi / 569 km W)
07PR Isabela [Advanced Public Health of Isabela Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (354 mi / 569 km W)
PR10 Cabo Rojo [Boqueron Airport], Puerto Rico, US (355 mi / 571 km W)
PR29 Mayagüez [Villamil-Mayaguez Mall Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (357 mi / 574 km W)
PR09 Mayagüez [Sabalos Ward Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (357 mi / 574 km W)
TJMZ MAZ MAZ Mayagüez [Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport], Puerto Rico, US (358 mi / 576 km W)
TJBQ BQN BQN Aguadilla (Borinquen) [Rafael Hernández Airport (USCG Air Station Borinquen)], Puerto Rico, US (360 mi / 580 km W)
TTCP TAB Scarborough [A. N. R. Robinson Intl (Crown Point Intl)], Tobago Island, TT (416 mi / 669 km S)
MDPC PUJ Punta Cana (Higüey) [Punta Cana Intl], La Altagracia, DO (441 mi / 709 km W)
SVMG PMV Porlamar [Del Caribe "General Santiago Mariño" Intl], Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta, VE (450 mi / 723 km S)
TTPP POS Port of Spain [Piarco Intl], Trinidad Island, TT (450 mi / 724 km S)
SVGI GUI Guiria, Sucre, VE (451 mi / 726 km S)
SVCP CUP Carúpano [General José Francisco Bermúdez], Sucre, VE (454 mi / 730 km S)
SVRA Rio de Agua, Sucre, VE (456 mi / 734 km S)
SVIE Isla de Coche [Andres Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport], Nueva Esparta, VE (458 mi / 736 km S)
MDBG Higüey [Baigua Airport], La Altagracia, La Altagracia, DO (460 mi / 740 km W)
GC0028 Couva (Camden Base) [Camden Airfield], Trinidad Island, TT (461 mi / 742 km S)
SVLO La Orchila [La Orchila Airport], Dependencias Federales, VE (466 mi / 750 km SW)

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