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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 16°14'N 93°47'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MMPB PBC Puebla (Huejotsingo) [Hermanos Serdán Intl (Puebla Intl)], Puebla, MX (363 mi / 584 km NW)
MHLU Luz Y Vida [Luz Y Vida Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN (363 mi / 585 km E)
MHGS GAC Gracias [Celaque Airport], Lempira, HN (364 mi / 586 km E)
MZTH ORZ Orange Walk [Orange Walk Airstrip (Tower Hill Airstrip)], Orange Walk, BZ (366 mi / 588 km E)
MZML MDB Melinda [Melinda Airport], Stann Creek, BZ (366 mi / 589 km E)
MMTA Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, MX (368 mi / 592 km NW)
MSLP SAL San Salvador [Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez Intl (Cuscatlán Intl, Comalapa Intl)], La Paz, SV (370 mi / 595 km SE)
MHCM Choloma [Choloma Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN (370 mi / 596 km E)
MHOU La Unión [La Unión Airport], Lempira, HN (371 mi / 597 km E)
MZPB DGA Dangriga [Dangriga Airport (Pelikan Beach Airstrip)], Stann Creek, BZ (372 mi / 598 km E)
MZBZ BZE Belize City [Philip S.W. Goldson Intl], Belize, BZ (373 mi / 601 km E)
MHVG Villa Guadalupe [Villa Guadalupe Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN (374 mi / 602 km E)
MHLP Mapulaca [Mapulaca Airport], Lempira, HN (376 mi / 605 km SE)
STU Santa Cruz [Santa Cruz Airport], Corozal, BZ (378 mi / 608 km E)
MHLA La Alondra [La Alondra Airport], Lempira, HN (380 mi / 611 km E)
MHSB Santa Bárbara [Santa Bárbara Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN (380 mi / 611 km E)
MZBE TZA Belize City [Belize City Muni], Belize, BZ (380 mi / 612 km E)
MHGU EDQ Erandique [Erandique Airport (Gualguire Airport)], Lempira, HN (382 mi / 615 km E)
MZJC Chan Chen [Johnny Chan Chen Aistrip], Corozal, BZ (383 mi / 617 km NE)
MHMM San Antonio Malera [San Antonio Malera Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN (384 mi / 618 km E)

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