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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 16°10'S 49°46'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FIMP MRU Mauritius (Plaine Magnien) [Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl (Plaisance Airport)], MU (597 mi / 961 km SE)
FIMA Vingt Cinq [Agaléga Island Airstrip], Agaléga Islands, MU (609 mi / 980 km NE)
FQLU LFB Lumbo [Lumbo Airport], Nampula, MZ (611 mi / 983 km W)
FQNC MNC Nacala [Nacala Airport], Nampula, MZ (615 mi / 990 km W)
FMSL OVA Bekily [Bekily Airport], MG (626 mi / 1007 km SW)
FMSV BKU Betioky [Betioky Airport], MG (627 mi / 1009 km SW)
FMST TLE Tulear (Toliara), MG (633 mi / 1019 km SW)
FMSD FTU Tolagnaro [Maurillac Airport (Fort Dauphin Airport)], MG (637 mi / 1025 km S)
FQAG ANO Angoche, Nampula, MZ (653 mi / 1050 km W)
FQPB POL Pemba (Porto Amelia) [Pemba Airport], Cabo Delgado, MZ (656 mi / 1056 km W)
FSAL Alphonse Island [Alphonse Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (661 mi / 1064 km N)
IBO Ibo [Ibo Airport], Ilha do Ibo, Cabo Delgado, MZ (668 mi / 1075 km W)
FMSY AMP Ampanihy, MG (671 mi / 1081 km SW)
MMW Moma, Nampula, MZ (701 mi / 1128 km W)
FQNP APL Nampula [Nampula Airport], Nampula, MZ (702 mi / 1130 km W)
FQMP MZB Mocímboa de Praia [Mocímboa de Praia Airport], Cabo Delgado, MZ (713 mi / 1148 km NW)
FSMA Marie Louise Island [Marie Louise Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (724 mi / 1165 km N)
LMZ Palma, Cabo Delgado, MZ (728 mi / 1171 km NW)
MTU Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, MZ (747 mi / 1202 km W)
GC0030 Europa Island (Île Europa), TF (747 mi / 1203 km SW)

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