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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 15°50'S 48°30'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HTMT MYW Mtwara [Mtwara Airport], Mtwara, TZ (676 mi / 1087 km NW)
NND Nangade, Cabo Delgado, MZ (679 mi / 1093 km NW)
FIMP MRU Mauritius (Plaine Magnien) [Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl (Plaisance Airport)], MU (681 mi / 1097 km SE)
PEB Pebane, Zambézia, MZ (692 mi / 1114 km W)
GC0030 Europa Island (Île Europa), TF (696 mi / 1120 km SW)
BJN Bajone, Zambézia, MZ (706 mi / 1136 km W)
HTLI LDI Lindi [Lindi Airport (Kikwetu Airport)], Lindi, TZ (719 mi / 1157 km NW)
AME Alto Molocue, Zambézia, MZ (719 mi / 1158 km W)
FSMA Marie Louise Island [Marie Louise Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (735 mi / 1182 km NE)
HTMI XMI Masasi [Masasi Airport], Mtwara, TZ (743 mi / 1196 km NW)
FQMR Marrupa, Niassa, MZ (755 mi / 1215 km W)
HTNA NCH Nachingwea [Nachingwea Airport], Lindi, TZ (755 mi / 1215 km NW)
VJQ Gurue, Zambézia, MZ (767 mi / 1235 km W)
HTKI KIY Kilwa Masoko [Kilwa Masoko Airport], Lindi, TZ (771 mi / 1242 km NW)
FSDR DES Desroches Island [Desroches Airport], Outer Islands, SC (780 mi / 1255 km NE)
FQQL UEL Quelimane [Quelimane Airport], Zambézia, MZ (783 mi / 1259 km W)
FSDA D'Arros Island (Darros) [D'Arros Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (787 mi / 1266 km NE)
FSSC Coëtivy Island [Coëtivy Airport], Outer Islands, SC (797 mi / 1282 km NE)
FQCB FXO Cuamba [Cuamba Airport], Niassa, MZ (802 mi / 1290 km W)
FSSR Rémire Island (Eagle Island) [Rémire Island Airport], Outer Islands, SC (806 mi / 1297 km NE)

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