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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 1335'S 17220'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AGKG KGE Kaghau Island (Kagau Island) [Kaghau Island Airport], Choiseul, SB (1091 mi / 1756 km W)
AGRC RIN Ringi Cove [Ringi Cove Airport (Vila Airport)], Kolombangara Island, Western, SB (1098 mi / 1766 km W)
YSNF NLK Norfolk Island, NF (1100 mi / 1771 km S)
AGKU KUE Kukundu (Kukudu), Kolombangara Island, Western, SB (1113 mi / 1791 km W)
AGGN GZO Gizo [Nusatupe Airport (Gizo Airport)], Ghizo Island, Western, SB (1116 mi / 1796 km W)
AGBA VEV Barakoma, Vella Lavella Island, Western, SB (1131 mi / 1820 km W)
NSTU PPG PPG Pago Pago [Tafuna/Pago Pago Intl], AS (1139 mi / 1834 km E)
NPSA National Park of American Samoa [National Park of American Samoa], American Samoa, US (1141 mi / 1837 km E)
NGTU BBG Butaritari Atoll, Gilbert Islands, KI (1146 mi / 1844 km N)
AGEV GEF Geva (Liangia) [Geva Airport], Vella Lavella Island, Western, SB (1146 mi / 1845 km W)
NGMN MTK Makin Island, Gilbert Islands, KI (1166 mi / 1877 km N)
AGGC CHY Choiseul Bay [Choiseul Bay Airport], Taro Island, Choiseul, SB (1183 mi / 1904 km W)
AGGE BAS Balalae [Balalae Airport], Shortland Island, Western, SB (1207 mi / 1942 km W)
NSAS OFU Z08 Ofu Village, AS (1209 mi / 1946 km E)
AGGO MNY Mono Island (Stirling Island) [Mono Airport], Treasury Islands, Western, SB (1216 mi / 1957 km W)
(PBAR) (BAR) Baker Island, UM (1218 mi / 1961 km NE)
TAV HI36 Tau Village [Tau Airport], AS (1220 mi / 1963 km E)
OTY Oria, Bougainville, PG (1225 mi / 1972 km W)
NSFQ FTI FAQ Fitiuta Village, AS (1226 mi / 1972 km E)
UBI Buin, Bougainville, PG (1227 mi / 1974 km W)

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