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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 1335'S 17220'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KWS Kwailabesi, SB (862 mi / 1388 km NW)
AGOB MHM Malaita [Manaoba Island Baenalu Airport (Mana'oba)], Manaoba Island, Malaita, SB (862 mi / 1388 km NW)
NGTE TBF Tabiteuea North (Bown), Gilbert Islands, KI (866 mi / 1393 km N)
NGBR BEZ Beru, Gilbert Islands, KI (877 mi / 1412 km N)
ANH Anuha Island [Anuha Island Resort], Central, SB (880 mi / 1416 km W)
AGGH HIR Honiara [Honiara Intl (Henderson Intl)], Guadalcanal, SB (880 mi / 1416 km W)
AGTI TLG Tulagi Island [Tulaghi Heliport], Central, SB (882 mi / 1419 km W)
AGGI MBU Mbambanakira [Mbambanakira Airport (Babanakira Airfield)], Guadalcanal, SB (886 mi / 1426 km W)
NGNU NIG Nikunau, Gilbert Islands, KI (888 mi / 1429 km N)
NGTO NON Nonouti, Gilbert Islands, KI (901 mi / 1450 km N)
SVY Savo Island, Central, SB (902 mi / 1452 km W)
AGGY XYA Yandina [Yandina Airport], Central, SB (941 mi / 1515 km W)
AGGF FRE Fera Island [Fera Airport (Fera/Maringe Airport)], Santa Isabel Islands, Isabel, SB (945 mi / 1520 km W)
NFTP NTT Niuatoputapu [Kuini Lavenia (Queen Lavinia)], Niuafo'ou Island, TO (945 mi / 1521 km E)
NGUK AAK Buariki, Aranuka, Gilbert Islands, KI (950 mi / 1530 km N)
NGKT KUC Kuria, Gilbert Islands, KI (952 mi / 1531 km N)
AGJO JJA Jajao [Jajao Airport], Santa Isabel Island, Isabel, SB (961 mi / 1546 km W)
ANYN INU Nauru [Intl], NR (970 mi / 1560 km NW)
NGTB AEA Abemama Atoll, Gilbert Islands, KI (973 mi / 1565 km N)
NFTV VAV Vava'u [Intl (Lupepau'u Intl)], Vava'u, TO (973 mi / 1566 km E)

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