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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 12°59'18"N 61°15'43"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SSB VI32 Christiansted [Christiansted Harbor-SSB SPB], St. Croix, Virgin Islands, US (400 mi / 643 km NW)
TISX STX STX Christiansted [Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (Alexander Hamilton Intl)], St. Croix, Virgin Islands, US (401 mi / 645 km NW)
VI01 Frederiksted [DPS Heliport], St. Croix, Virgin Islands, US (401 mi / 646 km NW)
SVDW Ciudad Piar, Bolívar, VE (402 mi / 646 km S)
SV02 San Diego de Cabrutica, VE (405 mi / 652 km SW)
SVVP VDP Valle de la Pascua, Guárico, VE (412 mi / 664 km SW)
SVV San Salvador de Paul, Bolívar, VE (415 mi / 667 km S)
SVFM Caracas (La Carlota) [Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda AB], Miranda, VE (415 mi / 668 km SW)
LAG La Guaira, VE (418 mi / 672 km SW)
SVCS Charallave [Oscar Machado Zuloaga Intl], Miranda, VE (420 mi / 675 km SW)
SVMI CCS Caracas [Simón Bolívar Intl (Maiquetía Intl)], Vargas, VE (421 mi / 678 km W)
SVMP Caracas [Metropolitano Intl], Distrito Capital, VE (423 mi / 680 km SW)
SVAJ Mata de Juajua, Guárico, VE (425 mi / 684 km SW)
TUPW VIJ Virgin Gorda (Spanish Town) [Virgin Gorda Airport], VG (431 mi / 693 km NW)
NSX North Sound [Hovercraft/Launch Point], Virgin Gorda, VG (432 mi / 694 km NW)
SVED EOR El Dorado, Bolívar, VE (432 mi / 695 km S)
TUPG Spanishtown [Virgin Gorda North Sound Water Aerodrome], Virgin Gorda Island, VG (432 mi / 696 km NW)
VICR Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument [Virgin Islands Coral Reef NM], Virgin Islands, US (432 mi / 696 km NW)
TUPJ EIS Tortola (Road Town, Trellis Bay) [Terrance B. Lettsome Intl], Beef Island, Tortola, VG (434 mi / 699 km NW)
VIIS Virgin Islands National Park [Virgin Islands NP], Virgin Islands, US (434 mi / 699 km NW)

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