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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 1237'48"N 8010'12"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VE36 Nuagaon, Odisha, IN (584 mi / 940 km N)
GC0019 Khadakvasla [NDA Gliderdrome], Maharashtra, IN (585 mi / 942 km NW)
VANP NAG Nagpur [Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Intl], Maharashtra, IN (587 mi / 944 km N)
VENP Nawapara, Odisha, IN (588 mi / 946 km N)
VAAU IXU Aurangabad [Aurangabad Airport], Maharashtra, IN (590 mi / 949 km NW)
VAAK AKD Akola, Maharashtra, IN (592 mi / 953 km N)
VERP RPR Raipur [Swami Vivekananda Airport (Raipur Airport)], Chhattisgarh, IN (597 mi / 961 km N)
VARP Raipur [Swami Vivekananda Airport (Raipur Airport)], Chhattisgarh, IN (Code changed to VERP)
VA1E Birebhat [Bhilai], Chhattisgarh, IN (601 mi / 967 km N)
VEPN Phulbani [Phulbani Airstrip], Odisha, IN (603 mi / 971 km NE)
VAGD VA2C Gondia [Gondia Airport], Maharashtra, IN (612 mi / 985 km N)
VASD SAG Shirdi [Shirdi Airport], IN (619 mi / 997 km NW)
VRMH HAQ Hanimaadhoo [Intl], Hanimaadhoo Island, MV (625 mi / 1007 km SW)
VEBS BBI Bhubaneswar [Biju Patnaik Intl (Bhubaneswar Airport)], Odisha, IN (644 mi / 1036 km NE)
VE96 Thuniabhand, Madhya Pradesh, IN (650 mi / 1046 km N)
VA1L Amla, Madhya Pradesh, IN (654 mi / 1052 km N)
VEAL Angul [Savitri Jindal Airport], Odisha, IN (654 mi / 1053 km NE)
VEBU PAB Bilaspur [Bilaspur Airport], Chhattisgarh, IN (656 mi / 1056 km N)
VABI Bilaspur [Bilaspur Airport], Chhattisgarh, IN (Code changed to VEBU)
VANR ISK Nasik [Gandhinagar], Maharashtra, IN (658 mi / 1058 km NW)

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