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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 1148'01"N 7604'29"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VCCH HIM VC12 Minneriya (Polonnaruwa Town) [Hingurakgoda Airport (SLAF Base Hingurakgoda, RAF Minneriya)], North Central Province, LK (422 mi / 679 km SE)
BYV Colombo [Beira Lake SPB], Western Province, LK (423 mi / 680 km SE)
DWO Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Kotte, Colombo) [Diyawanna Oya Waterdrome (Waters Edge Waterdrome)], Western Province, LK (426 mi / 686 km SE)
VOHK Hakimpet, Telangana, IN (428 mi / 689 km N)
VCCC RML Colombo [Ratmalana Airport], Western Province, LK (430 mi / 692 km SE)
VODG Dundigul, Telangana, IN (430 mi / 692 km N)
VOBR IXX Bidar [Bidar Airport], Karnataka, IN (430 mi / 693 km N)
KDZ Kandy (Katugastota) [Polgolla Reservoir Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (438 mi / 704 km SE)
OMN Osmanabad [Osmanabad Airport], Maharashtra, IN (446 mi / 717 km N)
KDW Kandy [Victoria Reservoir Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (447 mi / 719 km SE)
VRDA NMF Maafaru [Intl], Noonu Atoll, MV (448 mi / 721 km SW)
VCCN KTY Kalutara [Katukurunda Airport], Western Province, LK (448 mi / 722 km SE)
VOBZ VGA Vijayawada [Intl], Andhra Pradesh, IN (454 mi / 730 km NE)
VOLT LTU Latur [Latur Airport], Maharashtra, IN (455 mi / 732 km N)
VO55 Murod Kond, Maharashtra, IN (455 mi / 733 km N)
BJT Bentota [Bentota River Airport], Southern Province, LK (456 mi / 733 km SE)
NUF Hatton [Castlereigh Reservoir Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (458 mi / 738 km SE)
NUA Nuwara Eliya [Lake Gregory Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (462 mi / 744 km SE)
VREI IFU Ifuru [Ifuru Airport], Raa Atoll, North, MV (468 mi / 753 km SW)
VCCB BTC Batticaloa [Batticaloa Airport (SLAF Batticaloa)], Eastern Province, LK (474 mi / 764 km SE)

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