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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 1115'00"N 6040'01"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
TTCP TAB Scarborough [A. N. R. Robinson Intl (Crown Point Intl)], Tobago Island, TT (13 mi / 21 km SW)
TTPP POS Port of Spain [Piarco Intl], Trinidad Island, TT (64 mi / 103 km SW)
GC0028 Couva (Camden Base) [Camden Airfield], Trinidad Island, TT (77 mi / 124 km SW)
TGPG (GND) St. George's (Upper Pearl) [Pearls], Grenada, GD (89 mi / 143 km NW)
TGPY GND St. George's [Maurice Bishop Intl (Point Salines Intl)], Grenada, GD (92 mi / 148 km NW)
TGPZ CRU Hillsborough [Lauriston], Carriacou, GD (100 mi / 162 km NW)
PLI Palm Island (Prune Island), Grenadines, VC (104 mi / 168 km NW)
TVSU UNI Union Island [Intl], Grenadines, VC (106 mi / 170 km NW)
TVSC CIW Canouan Island [Canouan Airport], Grenadines, VC (110 mi / 176 km NW)
TVSM MQS Mustique Island, Grenadines, VC (118 mi / 190 km N)
SVGI GUI Guiria, Sucre, VE (121 mi / 195 km W)
TVSB BQU Bequia [J.F. Mitchell], Grenadines, VC (126 mi / 203 km N)
TVSA SVD Kingstown (Argyle) [Argyle Intl], St. Vincent, VC (135 mi / 218 km N)
TVSV Kingstown [E.T. Joshua Airport], St. Vincent, VC (135 mi / 218 km N)
SVPE PDZ Pedernales, Delta Amacuro, VE (138 mi / 222 km SW)
TBPO Bridgetown [City], BB (146 mi / 234 km NE)
TBPB BGI Bridgetown [Grantley Adams Intl], BB (148 mi / 239 km NE)
SVRA Rio de Agua, Sucre, VE (164 mi / 264 km W)
TLPL UVF St. Lucia (Vieux Fort) [Hewanorra Intl], LC (172 mi / 276 km N)
SVTC TUV Tucupita, Delta Amacuro, VE (177 mi / 286 km SW)

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