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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 1046'34"N 10641'54"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VTSC NAW Narathiwat, Narathiwat, TH (448 mi / 720 km SW)
VTBS BKK Bangkok [Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Intl], Samut Prakan, TH (449 mi / 723 km NW)
VTSM USM Ko Samui (Koh Samui) [Samui Intl], Nakhon Si Thammarat, TH (460 mi / 740 km W)
VTUF Nam Phung Dam [South], Sakon Nakhon, TH (462 mi / 743 km NW)
VTUE Nam Phung Dam [North], Sakon Nakhon, TH (463 mi / 745 km NW)
VVDH VDH Dong Hoi, VN (463 mi / 746 km N)
VTBD DMK Bangkok [Don Mueang Intl (Don Muang Intl)], Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, TH (465 mi / 748 km NW)
VTBE Saraburi, Saraburi, TH (467 mi / 752 km NW)
VTSK PAN Pattani, Pattani, TH (468 mi / 753 km SW)
VTUK KKC Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen, TH (471 mi / 759 km NW)
VTBP Prachuap, Chiang Rai, TH (473 mi / 761 km W)
VLTK THK Thakhek, LA (473 mi / 761 km N)
VTUI SNO Sakon Nakhon, Sakon Nakhon, TH (474 mi / 763 km N)
VTUP Nakhon Phanom, Nakhon Phanom, TH (474 mi / 763 km N)
VTPH HHQ Hua Hin, Phetchaburi, TH (475 mi / 764 km W)
VTUW KOP Nakhon Phanom [Nakhon Phanom West], Nakhon Phanom, TH (475 mi / 764 km N)
VTEZ VT85 Nam Phong, Khon Kaen, TH (475 mi / 765 km NW)
VTUZ Khon Kaen [Nam Phung Dam], Khon Kaen, TH (475 mi / 765 km NW)
VTBN Prachuap Khiri Khan (Pran Buri), Prachuap Khiri Khan, TH (476 mi / 767 km W)
VTBJ Phetchaburi [Tha Yang], Phetchaburi, TH (478 mi / 768 km W)

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