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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 126'S 13055'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WAPL LUV Langgur [Dumatubin], Kai Island, Maluku, ID (316 mi / 509 km SE)
WAPF Karel Sadsuitubun - Langgur [Karel Sadsuitubun - Langgur Airport], Maluku, ID (323 mi / 520 km SE)
WAPG NRE Namrole [Namrole Airport], Buru Island, Maluku, ID (333 mi / 535 km SW)
WABI NBX Nabire, Papua, ID (343 mi / 552 km SE)
WAPN SQN Sanana Island, Maluku Utara, ID (345 mi / 556 km W)
WABU Biak [Manuhua Airport], Papua, ID (358 mi / 575 km E)
WABB BIK Biak [Frans Kaisiepo Intl (Mokmer Airport)], Papua, ID (359 mi / 578 km E)
WABO ZRI Serui [S. Condronegoro Airport], Papua, ID (369 mi / 594 km E)
WAPD DOB Dobo, Wamar Island, Maluku, ID (375 mi / 604 km SE)
WAPK BJK Benjina [Benjina-Nangasuri Aru Airport], Nangasuri Aru Island, Maluku, ID (394 mi / 634 km SE)
WABD ONI Moanamani [Moanamani Airport], Papua, ID (395 mi / 636 km SE)
WAPO Larat [Larat Airport], Maluku, ID (396 mi / 637 km S)
OBD Obano, Papua, ID (404 mi / 650 km SE)
WABG WET Wagethe [Wagethe Airport], Deiyai, Papua, ID (412 mi / 663 km SE)
WABT EWI Enarotali [Enarotali Airport], Papua, ID (414 mi / 667 km SE)
WA1B Aru, Trangan Island, Maluku, ID (418 mi / 672 km SE)
WAPE MAL Mangole [Falabisahaya Airport], Mangole Island, Maluku, ID (419 mi / 674 km NW)
WAPT TAX Tikong [Taliabu Island Airport], Taliabu Island, Maluku Utara, ID (440 mi / 708 km W)
WABN KOX Kokonao [Kokonao Airport], Papua, ID (443 mi / 712 km SE)
WAPS Mathilda Batlayeri [Mathilda Batlayeri Airport], Maluku, ID (451 mi / 726 km S)

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