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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SIYH Río Verde de Mato Grosso [Fazenda Cruzeiro], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
KTXW TXW Weslaco [Mid Valley Airport], Texas, US
LIVV Mount Venda, IT
SWPE Carlinda [Fazenda Lagoa da Mata], Mato Grosso, BR
SYMD MHA Mahdia, Potaro-Siparuni, GY
EITT Trevet, County Meath, Leinster, IE
YMHL Mount Holland, Western Australia, AU
EITM Trim, County Meath, Leinster, IE
SWMT Nova Ubiratã [Fazenda Centro da Mata], Mato Grosso, BR
LKVM Vysoke Myto, Pardubice, CZ
YDME Marda [Mount Dimer Airport], Western Australia, AU
SISW Campos de Júlio [Fazenda Mato Grosso], Mato Grosso, BR
HAMO OTA Mota (Motta), Amara, ET
KMWK MWK Mount Airy [Mount Airy/Surry County Airport], North Carolina, US
SNKD Conceição do Mato Dentro [Aeropuerto Conceição do Mato Dentro], Minas Gerais, BR
KMEJ MEJ Meade [Muni], Kansas, US
KOSA OSA Mount Pleasant [Mount Pleasant Regional], Texas, US
NSMA MXS Maota (Saleologa), Savai'i Island, WS
KPSB PSB PSB Philipsburg [Mid-State Airport], Pennsylvania, US
ESUM Mohed, Gävleborgs län, SE

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