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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KMRB MRB MRB Martinsburg [Eastern WV Regional/Shepherd Field], West Virginia, US
KHTW HTW Chesapeake/Huntington Wva [Lawrence County Airpark], Ohio, US
YBWP WEI Weipa, Queensland, AU
KTXK TXK TXK Texarkana [Texarkana Regional-Webb Field], Arkansas, US
YWAV WAV Wave Hill [Kalkgurung], Northern Territory, AU
AYWB WAO Wabo [Wabo Airport], Gulf, PG
SNPK Pomerode [WF], Santa Catarina, BR
HKWE Webuye, KE
3AZ6 Sun City West [Banner Del E Webb Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
3ID2 Weippe [The Last Resort Airport], Idaho, US
MN00 Hackensack [Webb Lake Airport], Minnesota, US
ME71 Weld [Webb Lake SPB], Maine, US
65WN Wiota [Whoopy Hollow Aerodrome], Wisconsin, US
7MD9 Tilghman [Tilghman Whipp Airport], Maryland, US
10VG Portsmouth [WAVY TV Heliport], Virginia, US
8NC5 Concord [WB Heliport], North Carolina, US
BGS Big Spring [Webb AFB], Texas, US
FYWL Wabi Lodge, NA
SXC Catalina Island [Avalo Vor/WP], California, US



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