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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 0°51'N 6°57'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FKKB KBI Kribi [Kribi Airport], South, CM (251 mi / 404 km NE)
FOOI IGE Iguéla [Tchongorove Airport], Ogooué-Maritime, GA (252 mi / 405 km SE)
FOGR LBQ Lambaréné [Lambaréné Airport], Moyen-Ogooué, GA (252 mi / 405 km SE)
WNE Wora na Yeno [Wora na Yeno], Ogooué-Maritime, GA (255 mi / 411 km SE)
FO11 Medouneu [Medouneu Airport], GA (263 mi / 423 km E)
MDV Médouneu [Médouneu Airport], Woleu-Ntem, GA (263 mi / 423 km E)
FO06 Koumouloundou [Koumouloundou Airport], GA (267 mi / 429 km SE)
VCC Limbe, South-West, CM (267 mi / 430 km NE)
DNEK DN55 Eket [Eket Airstrip], Akwa Ibom, NG (270 mi / 434 km N)
FOGJ KDJ N'Djolé [Ville Airport], Moyen-Ogooué, GA (272 mi / 438 km E)
PHG Port Harcourt [Port Harcourt NAF Base (Port Harcourt City Airport)], Rivers, NG (275 mi / 442 km N)
FKKC TKC Tiko [Tiko Airport], South-West, CM (278 mi / 447 km NE)
DNPO PHC Port Harcourt (Omagwa) [Port Harcourt Intl], Rivers, NG (286 mi / 461 km N)
FGMY GEM Mengomeyén (Mongomo, Mongomeyen) [President Obiang Nguema Intl], Wele-Nzas, GQ (288 mi / 463 km E)
DNAI QUO Uyo [Akwa Ibom Intl], Akwa Ibom, NG (288 mi / 463 km N)
FO16 Sindara [Sindara Airport], GA (288 mi / 463 km SE)
FKKD DLA Douala [Intl], Littoral, CM (289 mi / 465 km NE)
FK04 Dizangue [Dizangue Airport], Littoral, CM (290 mi / 467 km NE)
MVG Mevang, Moyen-Ogooué, GA (291 mi / 468 km E)
FOGF FOU Fougamou [Fougamou Airport], Ngounié, GA (293 mi / 471 km SE)

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