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Location codes 61-80 of 121 for {{{1}}}:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CFS2 Fort Simpson [Fort Simpson/Great Slave No. 1 Heliport], Northwest Territories, CA
SJLW Uiramutã [Mudubim 1], Roraima, BR
AZ55 Goldfield [Horse Mesa Number 1 Heliport], Arizona, US
WY09 Dull Center (SW Clareton) [Sherwin Field Number 1 Airport], Wyoming, US
5OH5 Albany [Meigs Mine 1 Heliport], Ohio, US
MP27 Guabito (Guabito California) [Deborah], 1, PA
CSL9 Baie-Comeau [Baie-Comeau (Manic 1) Airport], Québec, CA
XA06 Lubbock [MDR 1 Heliport], Texas, US
NM45 Artesia [Pay Jay Number 1 Heliport], New Mexico, US
LS50 Ferriday [Concordia Parish Hospital Service Dist No 1 Heliport], Louisiana, US
SKSI Santiago No.1, Casanare, CO
PR93 San Lorenzo [Muni Number 1 Heliport], Puerto Rico, US
1TT1 Brenham [Wash Co. Air 1 Base Heliport], Texas, US
MS20 Brandon [Mach 1 Jet Port Airport], Mississippi, US
52AZ Seligman [X-1 Ranch Upper Headquarters Airport], Arizona, US
NV06 Gerlach [Soldier Meadow Number 1 Airport], Nevada, US
UM04 Grs [Grs-1 Heliport], Kaliningradskaya, RU
3LA8 Lake Charles [Open A-1 Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
XA90 Golden [Fly 1 On Airport], Texas, US
AK02 Bear Creek [Bear Creek 1 Airport], Alaska, US

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